Miranda Hart announces her new book video

"Miranda has earned creator Miranda Hart numerous plaudits in its three series run. From BAFTA nominations to British Comedy Awards gongs and an average of 9.8 million viewers turning in to the show’s third series, Miranda’s loveable clutz turned Miranda Hart into a household name. Now, Hart is celebrating the show that made her name in her new book, The Best of Miranda, a behind the scenes peek into the creation of the hit BBC sitcom.

The Best of Miranda features the full scripts for six of Hart’s favourite episodes of Miranda along with her original revisions and annotations, letting fans see just how the show moves from the script to the screen. The book, Hart’s second after her bestselling 2012 book Is It Just Me?, also features behind the scenes photographs from the sets, material that was cut from the final episodes, as well as Miranda’s own account into what exactly happens behind the scenes; from writing, filming, and general gossip.

Hart said about the book, “I have collated six of my favourite sitcom scripts and only gone and put ‘em in a book with introductions, behind the scenes gossip and some extra tit bits. I hope the lovely people who have watched and supported my show will enjoy this book what I wrote.”

The Best of Miranda will be published by Hodder & Stoughton as a full colour hardback and ebook on 23 October.” (x)

THIS BOOK IS MY DREAM COME TRUE OH MY GOD. So much behind the scenes stuff! I wonder which six episodes are her favourites…

She could probably publish a book of photos of her used napkins with notes about what kind of mustard was on her tuna baguette and I’d pre-order it. *shrugs*